In-House Training

Specialist solicitors to the construction and engineering industries.

The construction industry is a fast-paced, complex environment which demands an up to date and comprehensive understanding of commercial and contractual issues.  In the current climate, now really is the time to ensure that you give your business the edge by investing in training.

Hawkswell Kilvington provide in-house training solutions on a wide range of legal, commercial and contractual issues relating to construction and engineering. In-house training is an ideal opportunity to receive advice and guidance from experienced speakers. In addition to being much more convenient than travelling to external courses, in-house training is particularly beneficial because the training topics can be tailored to suit the needs and circumstances of your business.

Bespoke Training

We are more than happy to put together bespoke training sessions tailored to the needs of your business. At the start of a major project, it can be extremely useful for key personnel to receive training on the form of contract that is being used, and we are often asked to design courses which are specific to particular contracts. We can also put together courses using specific problems your business has faced previously as case studies.

To obtain a quote or book an in-house training session, please contact Daniel Silberstein (Email: or complete the reply form.