Company Charity 2023 – Yorkshire Cancer Research

Hawkswell Kilvington Company Charity

At Hawkswell Kilvington, we believe in giving back to the community and making a positive impact. That is why for 2023, we have chosen Yorkshire Cancer Research as our charity of choice. We want to help support this amazing organization in its mission to raise awareness of cancer in the region and to provide improved access to diagnosis, treatment, care, and support services. By supporting Yorkshire Cancer Research, we can help make sure that more people survive cancer every year and create a stronger future for our region.

Yorkshire Cancer Research is an independent charity committed to reducing the devastating impact of cancer in our local communities. They work with dedicated researchers and clinicians across Yorkshire to understand the causes of cancer and develop innovative new treatments. Their initiatives range from research projects, community health programs and educating people on how to reduce their risk of getting cancer. Through their work, they are tackling some of the biggest challenges in cancer today, such as reducing late diagnosis rates, increasing access to clinical trials, and improving outcomes for patients across Yorkshire.

But it takes more than just research to make a difference – it takes people power! That’s why we want to get involved in supporting Yorkshire Cancer Research starting with the Sheffield Half Marathon on the 26 March 2023 where two of our team Matthew Leonard and Ross Galbraith will be popping on their running shoes and joining thousands of runners raising money for numerous great causes.